Valhost's control panel allows you to configure automatic backup of Valheim. We absolutely recommend everyone to do this.

Note: This causes your server to restart every day at 05:00. It also means that if an update arrives during the night, it will be installed at 05.00 after a backup has been taken. Practical!

How to set it up:

1. Log in to the control panel

You do this here:

2. Add a Schedule

Select the server you want to back up, go to Schedule. Click "Create new Schedule"


Fill in the following information:

  1. Schedule name (eg Backup)
  2. The minute it will run on (05: 00 )
  3. The hour it will run ( 05 :00 )

Like this:


Click Create Schedule.

Add tasks to the Schedule

Open the newly created schedule and select "New Task"


Select Action «Send power action» and payload «Stop the server».


Create another task, select action «Create backup». Enter Time offset in 60 seconds.


Add one last task, "Send power action". Select payload «Start the server». Enter time offset in 120 seconds.


Finally, it should look like this: