If you have already started in a local world, or want to e.g. choose custom seed, then it is useful to be able to upload a local world to Valhost. This is how you do it.

1. Find the world locally

All world files are stored in the following folder:


Glue into e.g. Run-wind to easily open the folder. (WIN + R)

2. Upload to Valhost

Log in to the control panel, https://panel.valhost.no

Find the server you want to upload to.

Stop the server first.

Go to «File manager».

Navigate to the folder:


Upload the files from your local folder that have the same name as the world you want to move. For example:


Change the startup world

In the control panel, find the «Startup» tab. Change the value under «World Name» to (exactly) the name of the world you uploaded. Restart the server.